Welcome to TexCo. International

TexCo. International incorporated in 2015 as registered Partnership having office in Karachi. We deals in Single Cylinder and double cylinder small dia knitting machines, Toe closing, Wet processing machines, Drum finishers, Boarding machines, automated socks Packaging machines, air covering, conventional covering, TFOs etc. (Socks, Stocking). We also indent Multi Head Embroidery Machines, Fe Metal Detectors, TexCo International also provide OEM consumables, Spare Parts, Turn-key projects Consultation Services, Training, Installation of equipment and machinery.


TexCo. International is supplying innovative technological solutions to the Pakistani and Bangladeshi Textile Industry.
The Company has a strong brands and network of sales and service engineers to meet the diverse requirements of its clients ranging from BMR  solutions, new machinery, plant automation.

TexCo. International Team is available for your Service and Consultation on Industrial Engineering projects, Production improvement, Cost cutting, process improvement, Quality system design, last but not least Lean manufacturing implementation.

Our Vision

TexCo. International vision is to lead the socks industry with advance yet cost effective solutions to ensure and enhance productivity with quality output.